Back in 1986, in the Matsuo family…   Takako and her children Takako,  feels responsible for her children’s future, and she measures her worth by their success.  She believes her nurturing and encouraging them will instil in her children the confidence and self-worth necessary to survive the rigors of their educational life.   Matsuo Family 2 That day, at 7h30, after dinner, Takako removes the cover from the bathtub.  The water she ran one hour before is still hot.  After she and the two children shower, they sit in the tub to relax and talk.  This daily ritual (part of a relationship the Japanese call ‘skinship’) will last until the children reach puberty and their teenage shyness prevails.  In hot water up to their necks, Takako and her children chat.  ‘Closer to the body, closer to the soul,’ explains Takako.  She adds, ‘Often, children have worries which are difficult for them to talk about.  When we are all naked in the bath, what they feel in their hearts comes out.’ Where is Yokohama, Japan Takako, are you well you and your children? I know of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear accident.  My heart and spirit are with you.CD1165_065

Matsuo Family
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