Photo Exhibition - Abu Dhabi

Photo Exhibition, Abu Dhabi

Helene Tremblay
Author, photographer,
and researcher of Humanity
Artist’s Approach


My photographic work is dedicated to presenting Humanity to Humanity

What stands out in my work is its intimacy. It is the intimate relationship – the one-to-one –  that I prefer in my life, and this is what stands out in all my work. I try to capture the moment that allows us to journey to the heart of the being.

Following my first travels, I was attracted to the gaze (Le regard) of the other. “Le regard,” is the French word that is the most responsible for my own journey.  It is translated in many words in English.   I remember my eyes not being able to detach from the eyes (Le regard) of people I met on the roads of the world.  The words glance and outlook (Le regard), have little by little, taken an important place in my research. 

My first concept, when I decided to present Humanity, was that of discovering, in the eyes (Le regard) of others, their life and spirit.  By seeking the eyes (Le regard) of the children, women, and men of the earth, I found the family. This is how the daily life of the world’s families became an important and specialized subject of my work.

There is a feminine aspect to my work.  Families opened their doors to me, letting me into their intimacy and this, I believe that only a woman could receive the deepest joys and sorrows and have doors opening to their home’s private rooms and the sharing of nights, mornings, and personal secrets.

My first step is to create trust and give people the freedom to tell themselves. Then I make myself forgotten and the camera becomes an object that I use discreetly when a scene inspires me or when it brings information that will allow us to get to know my families, their daily life, ensuring their access to our common goods, water, food, health, and knowledge. Wanting to mix writing and photography, I found it necessary to put the camera down in order to receive confidence, observe and enjoy. Photos are sometimes lost, but this is to serve a better understanding of Humanity and how we share our planet Earth.

My experience as a script and later as a commercial film producer taught me the importance of framing and information within the image. 

My visual eye is seeking a mixture of information, emotion, and beauty.