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L’auteure, photographe, chercheur et conférencière, Hélène Tremblay, est précurseur de l’idée qu’il est essentiel à l’évolution humaine de se connaître. À ce jour, elle a vécu avec les familles de 116 pays. Elle participe depuis plus de vingt cinq ans aux mille événements qui tissent le quotidien des familles afin de présenter l’Humanité à l’Humanité. Son expérience est unique. La collection Familles du monde a été distribuée au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Australie et en France. Son œuvre photographique a été exposé au secrétariat des Nations Unies à New York, puis en France, en Allemagne et aux Émirats Arabes Unis.

First week

  My life unrolls before me  I am settled in this city already. I live near the market, I make my breakfast, tea. No coffee maker. I have to learn to make a good Turkish coffee. They still offer Nescafe. I had forgotten it existed. I also forgot about cigarettes and men and women smoke in important quantity.  A busy week. I have had meetings all week. 3 x at the UN, 1 x at the University, 1 [...]

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Arrival in Tbilisi

Octobre 19th, 2019 There are no rules at the taxi stand in the wee hours of the morning. The drivers come to ask me one after the other. A woman tells me that they are raising prices in front of a stranger and that it would be better to take a Bolt, the equivalent of Uber. I cannot order until I have a new phone number. At the end of the night, I trust one of these [...]

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Shaken by a country – Sudan

"Being strong means being able to learn and to support what we know, in other words, to hold on and live" (Women who run with the wolves) When I came back from Sudan, I spend a week sitting by the river running through my garden. I no longer knew how to think and live my situation when I had seen what I had seen. My personal quest taught me, if I want to find inner [...]

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No walls in Kiribati

A house without walls when all houses have no walls In Kiribati I lived in a house without walls and it was such a moving act to lie down on a mat next to the others with the full moon as our blanket. For those who live in cold countries, this exercise might be difficult but, by closing our eyes, we can imagine life in a house without walls, then life in a country where all [...]

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My monk’s work

I'm in Sudan... in my head.  Just before that in Belize and in  Mali . If I had an average of 3 weeks of visits per country, to include them in both in English and French on the websites  (Letsmeetonearth.org) and (rendezvoussurterre.com) I must add another 4-5 days. And I do not count the days of technical difficulties. At the moment there is one in the passage from English to French and I have to wait while we [...]

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We are the greatest: No More!

  Perhaps we should all rejoice that Donald Trump chose "Make America Great Again" as his campaign slogan -- for the pleasure of all humanity, every time he invokes the phrase brings us that much closer to the last time we'll ever have to hear it. In a global society, there is no more place for a country that bills itself as the "greatest and strongest" in the world, especially when these words mean using a great arsenal [...]

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We have been beaten

We have all been beaten As my stay with my family in the Mandya district of Karnataka comes to an end, I write: “I return to the village still affected. Yesterday, a fifteen-year-old girl was beaten by her mother with an offshoot, just before my eyes.” My reaction surprised me. I think I cried more than she did. What does a teenage girl do on a Sunday in India? She would follow her mother's order to get up [...]

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Taking risks

Taking Risks On March 8, I spoke to law students from the University of North Cape (NCU) in Gurgaon. I was felicitated and guest of honor of the Indian Bar Association (INBA). The topic of the day: "Female Empowerment"and I had things to say about the subject worldwide. What did India reveal to me? There is a whole library to enlighten us on the subject of women in India, but I will now dare to write about it [...]

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Women’s day 2016

  INBA is proud to felicitate on International Women's Day on March 8, 2016 at The NorthCap University an International Speaker as a Guest of Honor Ms. Hélène Tremblay.  I expected to find myself in a room full of women. But no, there were more men in the room. Law students. I knew I was privileged to have the opportunity to speak to them. Happy also as I have been wishing for a [...]

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    The green of the new misty rice fields.  Three months in India.  I have been undisciplined and did not take notes every night. I have lived and learned. I wonder sometimes if writers read. I write and say I need to read. I read and I say, I want to write.  But I am in a country I am discovering and that often does not understand itself. I feel so ignorant when comes time to write about it. [...]

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