No walls in Kiribati

A house without walls when all houses have no walls In Kiribati I lived in a house without walls and it was such a moving act to lie down on a mat next to the others with the full moon as our blanket. For those who live in cold countries, this exercise might be difficult but, by closing our eyes, we can imagine life in a house without walls, then life in a country where all [...]

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Communal house

Democracy “Ritang, take the baby,” says Grandmother. She goes to sit in front of her old rotting house and starts weaving pandanu leaves. Her own house badly needs repairs, but the leaves she weaves this morning are for the maneaba, the village’s large meeting house, where all decisions are made, in the presence of the elders. 10 am – Bakea goes to the maneaba with her neighbour, both women pulling their piece of leaf work for the roof repairs. [...]

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