I’m in Sudan… in my head.  Just before that in Belize and in  Mali . If I had an average of 3 weeks of visits per country, to include them in both in English and French on the websites  (Letsmeetonearth.org) and (rendezvoussurterre.com) I must add another 4-5 days.

And I do not count the days of technical difficulties. At the moment there is one in the passage from English to French and I have to wait while we discover the source of the difficulty before continuing.  I have never been patient but have choosen to  use technology as a tool on the road to my wisdom. It is surely feeding my perseverance.

I must admit that I sometimes forget to come and  write blogs in both languages on this site.  I wish I had more time or help so I could home and  share the emotions I have had in the countries I am revisiting. Like the love that there was between family members in Belize. How different family life is when parents show their love towards each other. 

In Mali, I came back reflecting on dialogue and also about the fact that it was impossible to understand everything. That sometimes we just have to let people live with the convictions learned from childhood. I have my own brainwashing that others do not understand. I also came back full of the silence often necessary when one learns to know the other. Such as this moment in the courtyard in Mali when the neighbor said that it was necessary to beat women and children because they had no conscience. Yes,  silence is often filled and sometimes very heavy.

And in South Sudan, much talked about at this moment because of the famine in East Africa. I once saw photos of a photographer who committed suicide when he returned from his trip to this part of the world. I remember crying for a week on my return from this South Sudan. It is one of the trips you return from with a little less hope for Humanity. With doubts that changes are possible. When night fell on Malakal,  all returned to the village that the great number of refugees had turned into a town. The cows also came in followed by the flies.  Only then did the anti-personnel mines were distributed in the pathways and on roads. People without legs reminded everyone not to go out anymore and that they could sleep because the enemy would not come in without a sound.

How is it possible to love the earth enough for it to feed the people when every day is used to feed hate?

I will try to come more often. However you can follow my monk’s work on letsmeetonearth.org

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human