A human journey of global scale

Over 145 families in 113 countries

Pioneer of the view that to know one another is essential to human evolution, Helene Tremblay initiated the ambitious journey of presenting Humanity to Humanity.

An adventure unfolding over 3 decades, Helene has lived with a family representative of the living conditions of the majority and from sunrise to sunset, day after day, she has shared the small events that shape daily lives globally. 

Helene Tremblay brings new perspectives on humanity to pioneering minds and leaders who want to innovate in our connected and changing world.

This innovative research has provided Helene with an unique intimate knowledge of humanity.

Your message of peace and tolerance is needed now more than ever. You spoke so eloquently. You have such fascinating stories, and a very graceful, smooth, flowing way of telling them. You are such a professional. There certainly WAS very valuable, fascinating and captivating content. 
It was such a rejuvenating experience to have met you at the Peace for Economy Conference in Bengalore, India.  I thank you for making me more knowledgable on the term happiness! It was truly heart touching. 
Asraar, Peace for Economy Conference, Bengalore, India
Excellent+++++Wow! Rich of experience, inspirational, true…sensible, hope… A welcome to a loving outlook on humanity that is indispensable. Very interesting for internationalism. Very aligned with the IB vision. Very good, really refreshing. It inspires smiling to life!!! Wow! Magnifique
Evaluation - IB, Colloquium Sebiq 2015 (IB teachers or Quebec)
Thank you for your stories, your vision and your authenticity. I will be forever grateful for the grace with which you reframed our definition of poverty. 
Toni Newman, , Speaker, CAPS, IFFPS
Touching talk. Great photos. Nice reality check. Yes, we need to hear this.
MacKenzie University

Getting to know Helene trough an 2021 interview

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With her unique experience, this gifted storyteller transports us through timeless human experiences with paradigm-shifting impact. Using evocative photographs Helene Tremblay creates links that give us the taste to go towards and learn the other.  (more)

She opens pathways to where we can get inspired by the world and inspire in return.

Helene Tremblay’s phototography

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Presenting Humanity to Humanity

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Discover Helene Tremblay’s entire unique comparative research.   Get a  peek into the daily life of families worldwide.  Presenting Humanity to Humanity on our website Let’s meet on earth!  
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A unique comparative research 


It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human 
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