This morning my mind is in The Solomon Islands as there has been a tsunami alert after an strong earthquakes.  I look to the map and hope Isabel Island is far enough form the Santa Cruz islands for my family to be safe.

Like if it was yesterday: A day in Nareabu…CD0737_033_6 6:00 The church keeper beats on an empty gas canister hanging from a breadfruit tree. The Fihu family rise quickly, put on their church clothes and quietly join the other members of the community crossing the open field in the centre of Nareabu Village. In the church, Nareabu’s only cement building, one of the women lets out a high, piercing cry, the first not of the morning psalm. …. Selwyn’s wife was chosen for him by his uncle. He admits that he was nervous before they were introduced, so he hiked through the  forest’s plantations up to her mountain to look at her through the branches of the trees. He was happy with what he saw.  Agnes has always been very shy and never attended school. Even now, she avoids speaking Pidgin english. Selwyn says: “With an uneducated woman, you are sure you will always have food to eat and a mat to sleep on.” But Selwyn insists on education for his sons and his daughters, and will let them choose their own marriage partners.  Read about the Fihu family in the link that brings you to the pdf