• Exhibitions at the United Nation’s secretariat in New York (1988 and 1990)
  • Travelling exhibitions France and Germany (1994-IYF)
  • Exhibition at the lauching of the Alliance for a New Humanity in Puerto Rico, 2003
  • Exhibition in the United Arab Emirats and in Jordan in the context of “La semaine de la Francophonie”, March 2005
  • Exhibition at the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi, 2006

Comments to the exhibition: “Humanity: an intimate portrait”

A very powerful exhibition…

You have done a wonderful and dedicated work for manking.

You’ve brought a somewhat ignored and unnoticed world closer to my understanding.

These pictures show your depth in human emotions.

Very very nice. It brings it to life.

Your exhibit is awesome! The best of the best!



It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human