Creating a global sense of belonging 

BELONG: An inspirational series..A HUMAN JOURNEY OF GLOBAL SCALE to satisfy our needs of connection and escape.  And for those who want to find alternative and refreshing ways to develop global thinking and the human dimension in their lives and projects.

It is an intriguing and intimate journey through stories and photography to introduce you, one-by-one, to some of the 147 families Helene Tremblay has lived with, in over 113 countries with the goal to present Humanity to Humanity. Stories that are rooted in all aspects of daily life. Real-life stories of human geography, ecology or philosophy. 

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Helene puts her finger on the pulse of their lives– and it will take your breath away. Helene reveals a vision of people that is both personal and compelling, with unparalleled accuracy and insight. As she leads us in this indelible journey into each family, we lose all sense of an ‘us or them’. We become firmly connected by our sameness, until, without even being aware of it, we have begun to care.

A inspirational series



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 It’s on ZOOM. In each hour-and-a-half guided session you will meet two or three families of the world.
There is ample time to ask questions and go deeper into the stories.


Traveling the world with the enlightened eyes of a visitor appreciated in more than 140 families in 113 countries, 

Helene Tremblay invites us on an extraordinary journey of human discovery. Using evocative photographs, this gifted storyteller transports us through timeless human experiences. Her presentation and series instill a sense of hope, pride, and belonging, increasing immeasurably our understanding of our human potential. She inspires us to engage in our commitment and to act locally and ultimately challenges us to participate in the “human” evolution.


How does storytelling – the sharing of intimate stories from all over the world – inform us about each other, while speaking to each of us? What are the paradigms, we operate from, that have shaped our ideas and perceptions?

 You have such an amazing eye — your photography is stunning. And your heart, well, we know how big that is:) You are truly a one-of-a-kind woman in the world. I am fortunate to call you my friend.  Your stories are riveting— what you carry and how you see the people of the world is truly breathtaking. And so is your work.
Nancy Trites Botkin
Co-Founder and President of Think8 Global
Founder of Think8 Women


Travels invite new and unexpected experiences into our lives. These experiences serve as opportunities to welcome alternative ways of seeing other and refreshing ways of understanding ourselves. In our global village where our geographical frontiers are less relevant than those limits imposed by fear and misunderstanding of human and cultural differences, this presentation and series serve as a perfect tool to provoke reflection on our unexamined perceptions and beliefs. It stimulates challenging questions and encourages debate.

What a wonderful series! You are a living witness to a slice of humanity that I would never encounter in my daily life.  Your evocative photos and compelling stories are riveting. You have shown me families that appear vastly different from my own, and yet fundamentally, are the same.  Your personal experience of living with so many families around the world provides insight and understanding that could never be found in a book. Thank you for sharing – it was fascinating and I learned so much!
Sally Murphy  


Helene Tremblay traces an unforgettable portrait of those she’s met and how they have changed her life by transforming her way of viewing the world.  She refers to emotional skills such as open-mindedness, tolerance, respect, and empathy. She identifies those similarities inherent to shared human basic needs and invites us to explore our deepest roots and our collective aspirations.

Very inspiring and thought-provoking
Heather Markgraf


International-mindedness is a view of the world in which people see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility to its members. It is an awareness of the inter-relatedness of all nations and peoples, and a recognition of the complexity of these relationships.


It’s an adventure, it’s awakening and it’s human!