Working, writing and producing  in two languages is a timely exercise.  Each language is a philosophy, a humor, a poetry that seems to move something else within me. It brings another world to reach and to talk to, other tones and other colors. I post on Facebook and want to speak to the world and two languages are not enough. Sometimes, because of this, I go into silence.Coverofbook2012

I had a friend who would stutter in French and did not in English. I have since seen the roads in my brain. Languages and people I have visited on this planet have added roads. Each day I need to the time to review them before deciding the road to take. It takes still a moment of silence.

This book speaks of the identification of a few roads I will mend and improve as I write about the inner journey Humanity has brought me on.   As I finish the English version, I want to start new the French version.  Getting to know the world is a life journey as it is one without and within.