“Being strong means being able to learn and to support what we know, in other words, to hold on and live”
(Women who run with the wolves)

When I came back from Sudan, I spend a week sitting by the river running through my garden. I no longer knew how to think and live my situation when I had seen what I had seen.

My personal quest taught me, if I want to find inner peace, to free myself from negative emotions .

There, sitting by the water’s edge, I reflected on the feelings of guilt and injustice. I was coming back from the desert where people worked through the night, under the full moon, to dig a hole that would catch water from the next big rains. Was I to feel guilty about living on the water’s edge when I was born in Quebec where water is abundant? Is there injustice in being born in a certain on the planet? Why me here, and they over there?

There are countries that you leave more fragile than others. Sudan is one of those. How to think of Amna without crying? I still cannot do that.

Fortunately, everywhere there is a positive memory to bring back with us. In Sudan there is the beauty of the people that I put in my “top ten” of the most beautiful in the world. The memory of that moment spent with the women who spoke of their homemade perfumes and their love of plants and odors.

How can we learn to know Humanity without carrying all the misfortunes of the world on our shoulders?

Unfortunately, politicians throughout history have been many times traitors to their own people. Did they come first or was it their friends in businesses searching for wealth uncaring of the circumstances on dignity and life on the planet?

When will we make these people face their responsibility allowing us, the majority, to live in peace, surrounded by the perfume of our birthplace, without carrying their guilt of the world’s situation?

“It takes courage not to be discourage”  Benjamin Ferencz

It’s an adventure, it’s awakening, it’s human